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Pray for my friend Morgan

Would you please pray for my very dear friend Morgan she has come down with the N1 H1 flu virus and is in the hospital. She is already battling leukemia and her immunity system does not work properly. Thank you very much and God Bless. Sincerely Ed

Karl Marx Always Believed in God

I am reading an insightful and well documented book by Richard Wurmbrand, who loved communists as perhaps few others have. He was imprisoned by them in Romania, and prayed for them and witnessed to them in love, even after sustaining tortures and beatings and harrassment and extreme deprivations at their hands! He has researched the […]

God speaks to me!!

God is good, God is great! Praise God almighty! I went to church and God spoke to me through the pastor and the wife of the pastor. While we were singing I kept thinking God is this it is this where my faith ends please God don’t let me fall help God help me God. Then the pastor in the middle of singing got up and said” the Lord has placed in my heart there are people here who are tired, can’t go any further who are having a crisis in their heart. This is what the Lord says ‘ Come to me and do not trust in your own reasoning and thinking come to me Listen to my voice.’ (Something like that).

Should Women Keep Silent in the Churches?

Some passages in the Bible are difficult, not because they are hard to understand, but because they are difficult to do. Other passages, however, are genuinely difficult to understand. In fact, to really understand certain passages, you need to understand something about the culture and situation of the time, and what the words in question […]

Urgent need of !!!

I have come to realize that is much division within the Body of Christ. So I will get to the point as it is an urgent request. Please brothers and sisters join together with me in praying for YHWH to send a Prophet to help us? We are in an urgent need for a true prophet of God to come, who can guide us to the truth and show us YHWH’s instructions for us and help prepare us for the times to come. We need a true prophet who can help bring unity to the greatly divided Children of YHWH (GOD)! Please pray with me?

God Bless!


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