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in need of deliverance!!!

i truly need prayer. i keep on doing the same sin over again and again,the thing is I’m aware that this is the sin, the only thing I’m asking is a prayer for deliverance. I’m burning in spirit and i love the Lord so much. The kind of prayer that i need is the prayer that will cut-off the strongholds and the roots of this sin (feelings).

Reasons For Suffering

Reasons For Suffering:

1…Stretch believer for growth……

a….But may the God of ALL grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, established & settle you….I Peter 5:10

b. My brethern count it ALL joy when you fall into various trials…..James 1:2

2….Disciple & correct believer to demonstrate God’s love for them….

Truth in Teaching

We are taught things in Christianity, that are Biblically not what Scripture says, they are in fact Scripturally not fact, or the truth. They sound true, good, and right, but in fact cause us to look into the opposite direction, and away from the truth. An example of what Scripture truly does say, but is […]

Please pray for me

Hi all

I just wanted to ask for some prayer. I’m really trying to put God as my first love in my life. I’ve been consecrating myself to the Lord and giving up things which the Holy Spirit has been convicting me of like certain computer games etc. I’m also in the process of joining a lifegroup (weekly meeting) with my church to get ‘into’ fellowship which God has been convicting me of doing for a long time now because I haven’t been in proper fellowship yet. I’m 25 years old.

Please Do Pray for Me

I just don’t know everything about what is coming, or what has already come, and what is now here. I have not always acted as a good Christian in life. I fear that I might just sin some time in the future. Sometimes I fear that I could be the “pottery intended for the potter’s hate”. I have tried to get answers to many things, but I may not have tried hard enough. I have commited every sin in the Book and I fear that I could panic as I have in times passed about the things that I know are coming on this world.

Its working please continue to pray

Would you please pray for my friend Morgan who is battling back from N1H1 & Leukemia she’s doing better now off life support, please keep the prayers coming. God Bless, Ed

At the crossroad of life

When I stood at the crossroad of life
I decided to follow You my Lord
Breaking the dreams once I had
First you choose me
Now I have chosen You above all that I had
There were tears in my eyes, I will not lie
But Your praise is above the pains of my heart

What will I do if I find all the joys of this world?
And lose the First Love of my life
They are nothing but the shadow of time
Eternity is far longer than this life
You gave and You took away
Their memories will fade and remain behind
But steadfastly I will walk towards the Author of my life

An animal issue that we all may struggle with at some point…

I had bought a bunny at an auction almost 6 years ago that turned out to be one of my best friends and a real comfort to me. Over those six years, she had settled in with two dogs, three different cats, and two other bunnies. She was really gentle, for the most part, and friendly. I watched them all play, eat, and lay with each other. 🙂 Picture a big, tall lab eating hay or bunny pellets or whatever next to a bunny who is eating hay, herself, it was strange. Even stranger than this, both are dogs are trained to hunt birds and small game.

Prayer and help needed.

I would like to request prayer because I know that God is dealing with my heart. I want to be sure and want to be in his will.

I require Guidence

Hello Everyone.

Although im not Baptised , i do fully believe in the Christian Faith , and hence i believe in the Father , the Son and the holy spirit. I believer that Jesus died for our sins and that he is our saviour. I also repent Satan.

I have a few queries about some topcs which i am concerned about.


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