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Buenos dias friends I’m new to this forum.

Hi-ya everyone, I’m begginer on that forum. I’m very glad for being a part of so nice community. Cya. 🙂

Kingdom of God

does anyone know what the kingdom of god is? and why does the bible say ‘seek ye frist the kingdom of god’.

What’s the good news?

I’m a Christian. Now if I ask “what is the good news of Jesus” I would expect answers along the lines of: God loves you enough to die for you, your sins can be wiped clean by the blood of Jesus, your eternal salvation is guaranteed, you can have a personal relationship with God etc.

But in what way is any of this good news to my non believing neighbor? If they don’t believe in(or at least think about) a God who will judge them when they die, if they feel more or less happy with their life and consider themselves a reasonably good person, what is the good news I have for them?

Translating this site into multiple languages

In order to reach more people with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and to build more people up in their faith, I want to have this site translated as much as possible into a number of languages. The languages I want to target are Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic and Hindi and possibly French.

Its very important to reach the unreached people of the world.

If you speak any of these languages and are prepared to make a small or great contribution to this, please let me know.

In need of deliverence

Hello. everyone my name is Ciara does anyone know where I can go for deliverence in Ireland?

Dealing with the Spirit of Jezebel in my husband’s family – (warning: long post)

Hi y’all

There seems to be a Jezebel spirit operating in some of my husbands family members
my husband is submissive, with no boundaries when dealing with them, like he fears them.

my Mother in law especially has a powerful, almost stranglehold on my husband and his sisters, all grown, all divorced, and live their lives to serve and please my mother in law. If one of the sisters pulls away they are badmouthed and basically rejected by the Mother in Law and then in turn the rest of the family.

pray for my career and 4 my life !!

i praise you oh lord !
its your knowledge and blessings given to people to make this site – so i thank you lord also i pray for them in Jesus name let them be blessed

hi friends please pray for my career ,for my z pray for me in Jesus name!! our heavenly father will hear its written” what ever you pray in Jesus name will be give it to you”

i too praying,,
but for my satisfaction let u too know try to know Jesus n pray to heavenly father in Jesus name OK.let god bless u!!

Howdy from Texas !

I am brand new here and am so thrilled with this site ! Am from the country where I enjoy singing in the choir and with a gospel group, gardening, horses,cooking, and of course my family – son, stepson,daughter in law, grandbaby,daughter, stepdaughter, and last but definitely not least my husband of 1 1/2 years. […]

Meditation on Prosperity

God blesses me and makes His Name great through me. I am a blessing unto others. Christ redeems me from the curse of the law. I am a child of Abraham and the blessing of Abraham is upon me (Genesis 12:2-3; Galatians 3:7,14)



Jesus Christ that died for our sins , buried, rose on the third day and appeared 1 corinthians 15:1-5



In the name of Jesus Christ,
I forgive every one.
Father in Heaven I repent and forgive me of all my sins.
Father in Heaven restore me. (VERY IMPORTANT)
I break the the curse of poverty in my life,the curse of the law and the curse of Adam or Eve.
The blessings of Abraham upon my head.


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