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Women wearing pants

This sunday a lady at my church said that she receives a prophecy from God to tell all the women to stop wearing pants because it is against god’s word. What is your intake on that……

Please help-urgent

Paralyzing fear. Cold, shaky. Hopelessness, darkness. Am a born again Christian but feel the devil has somewhat taken over my body and mind just recently. I love Jesus so much. I know He can do all things. I’m so ashamed that I have so little faith. I feel so guilty. I feel demon possessed but I’m so confused and so scared. Please, I’m begging you to pray that God removes this evil spirit from me and fills me with His love, peace, and joy. I’m so scared and alone. Shaking and crying. Jesus, save me. Please pray.

questions left unanswered

I started getting into pills really bad. i was using those as an escape from my problems. and i didnt want to be alive anymore. I tried commiting suicide on several occasions. and i was completely depressed. and i didnt want to be alive anymore. and my cutting didnt get better. at this point when i was doing the pills and stuff, the cuts got deeper. and i started cutting alot more often. i was just spirling out of control and i couldnt stop. i was also partying really hard and drinking and just trying to forget everything.

Questions left unanswered.

Im going to explain … maybe some one can help

The Great Chicago Visitation of 1913 and Prophecy

The ancient prophet once cried out, “Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down!” That cry has been echoed all down through the generations of those who have hungered for the manifestation of the presence of the living God. Throughout the history of the church, God has rent the heavens and intervened on behalf of His people.
The Great Chicago Visitation of 1913 was such a time. It was one of the most powerful visitations of divine presence that this city has ever experienced.

President Obama

OK, lately i have been hearing at school that President Obama is going to turn this country in socialists. And that he was going to allow homosexuals into the military. And that If North Korea shot a Nuclear Missile at us then he wouldn’t do anything. Well i have news for the people that are saying that. One he is not going to turn the country in socialists and they have and always been homosexuals into the military and Even if North Korea shot a missile at us the United States Air Force wouldn’t let it get anywhere near the coast. North Korea was is smart enough to Not do that.

I need help…i need someone to guild me

I am really fighting with lust/ sexual sin and am tired of it.. i need someone who will be devoted to help me prayerfully get over this. i seriously need someone. I live in Denmark and i dont care about the cost of getting this help. Plz if you read this and you know someone who can help plz send this to him or her.

Who Has the Key?

Who has the key to the city of the Gold Coast? Is it the Ministry with plans to boast? Is it the Church with programs from pillar to post? Is it the person with strategies in which he is engrossed? The key to the city is the Holy Ghost. So it is those who yield […]


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