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Water Baptism Discussion

I’ve decided to move all comments on the water baptism page to this thread here.

King James Version or RSV or NIV, does it make a difference?

Lets take a look at this comparison of the King James Version versus the RSV and NIV….

The NIV and RSV have changes on emphasis and even delete parts that are significant in our understanding of theological issues. Here are some examples:
KJV—(King James Version) versus RSV—(Revised Standard Version) and NIV—(New International Version)

1 John 5:7
Removal of the Trinity

Praying for a mate and needing encouragement

It seems like forever that I have been praying for God to bless me with a mate. A man seeking God and who loves and obeys the Lord. Each day I pray and I see no one coming my way. I made many mistakes in my 20’s. Now heading into my 30’s I have learned that I need God to help me make that decision. I have failed in the past trying to make that choice on my own. I find myself seeking the Lord more and more during this single time and for the most part I am fine. I am learning more about God and have grown closer to Him with no major distractions.

I just dont know anymore

Ok this post goes along with i am struggling one i posted like 2 weeks ago and i have been feeling really weird. I know there is a god. I know he is there but i feel like if i was in a life or death and i was about to die then i could really ask god for forgiveness but right now i think about it and i cant laugh at it and i cant take it seriously. I think it is because it is hard for me to pray and listen to god. i am reading the book 1 John everyday and i am going to read before i go to bed but i dont know. I feel like if i died right now i wouldnt go to heaven. I am really struggling.

The Seeds of Apostasy

-by Paul Holdren.

[I found this a very insightful comment. We need to be aware that the prosperity which results from doing things with humble dependence on God, diligence and godly wisdom can bring the temptation to SELF-RELIANCE which I have noted in my own life is the prelude to humiliation]

John Wesley recounted that within every revival were the seeds
of apostasy. By this he meant that with revival came righteousness,
with righteousness came favor, with favor came prosperity, and with

“Without Limitation” by John Edwards

“Go ye into all the world
And preach the Gospel to every nation”

The Apostles heeded His Word
And went without hesitation

But until the Holy Ghost was given
The upper room remained their station

“Wait for the promise,” Jesus had told them
They were filled with anticipation

In one place for ten days they waited
All in good relation

With the women and Mary and His brothers
They continued in prayer for the duration

Matthias along with the eleven
As an Apostle received his registration

For one-hundred-and-twenty people
It was a time of preparation

Study or Go – How long should We Wait?

“Do you realise that we are only told one time in the Bible to wait – and again I’m talking New Testament – one time. Jesus said, “You wait in Jerusalem until you receive the promise of My Father. Ain’t that right? Now, someone says, “See we ought to wait! No, no, if you’re going […]

Get involved in one of the Prayer Meetings using Skype Audio Conferencing!

It is a great privilege to pray together and together to have an audience with Almighty God. If it pleases the Lord, we will be reviving the Online Skype prayer network. Good things happened in the past. lets believe that God will reward us as we seek him.

Please visit Viral Prayer Network for more details.

Utilizing Christian faith to counter negative cultural influences

I suppose living in a country that affords me so many freedoms means I have to put up with others having those freedoms as well. Since I enjoy freedom of speech and freedom of expression, I need to live with others expressing themselves freely, even if I find it stupid or offensive. Maybe especially then.

Why am I here?

I get accused of making posts in christian forums that reflect my atheist stance because I’m really there looking for god. That my attacking their beliefs is really down to my unmet need for god’s love.


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