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“How do I KNOW I am Saved?”

Often as Christians we face a nagging fear. “What if I am not saved?”

The question is uncomfortable, unnerving, and for many it is downright terrifying! For some, the question itself is a nuisance. “Of course I am saved,” they tell themselves. They accepted Jesus Christ, all is forgiven and now they can live their Christian lives pretty much as they please. If this is you, you need to reconsider.

Others will take the question differently. If this question is downright terrifying to you, we need to talk, or it will paralyze your faith and destroy your walk and testimony.

Obama Nation of Desolation!

First of all, I would just like to say I wish I was more computer literate and new how to format this so it would be easier to read. Hopefully I will figure this out in the near future.

Obama Nation of Desolation!

Well here we go, what I am about to speak on is going to probably going to offend and upset a lot of people, but I have to speak about what God lays on my heart and we have been taught as Christians for far too long to be politically correct, and I believe because the church has kept its mouth shut far too long, that this nation has had a heavy millstone tied around it and is about to be cast straight to hell.

Deception of the last days that will lead to destruction!

There’s a lot of deception going on today. Everywhere you look there is a lot of deception. People are deceived. They don’t know what is true and what’s not. You have one person preaching one thing; you turn on the T.V. they are saying another thing. You turn on the radio and they are saying something totally contractradicting to that and people are really confused, and I believe there is a major deception going on today. I want to talk about some of the ways deception comes. Then I want to talk about why you get deceived. There is a reason you get deceived.

Here is my testimony- Hopefully it will bless you

I wrote this actually in the summer of 2007.

You know I have no idea why God has wired me the way he has. He has placed a call on my life that at the age of twelve years old I knew I was supposed to serve the Lord full time. I am ashamed to say I ran from that call for many years and largely even into my adult life. Every time God would get my attention and remind me of that call on my life I would completely turn my back on God and shun his call, time and time again. I paid a very heavy price for the rebellion and pride that so consumed my life.

Is this the churches and America’s last call?

April 28th, 2009

It was five weeks ago today I received a vision from the Lord that really shook me up and made me really concerned about what is coming especially against the churches of America that call themselves Christians. The vision was so real and God continued to replay it over and over in my head. It was as if I was watching a scene from movie over and over again.

How can you truly know you are going to heaven? What are doctrines of demons?

Sanctification / How To See The Lord

I hope what I am about to speak on gets you to take a closer look at your Salvation. If you profess to be a believer, it is always good to examine yourself to see that you are in the Faith. I am really concerned about what I see in today’s church. I think we have had a real watered down gospel preached and a false security ,and I think it’s time to wake up the troops so I am going to address some doctrines.

The doctrine of the chosen; Who are the chosen?

Strangers, friendship, dating, and marriage

I have some things that I need some guidance on, if anyone can help me here.

As I am 19, I’m growing up in a culture where everything goes in any relationship. You can have sex if and when you want, you can split up if and when you want. Relationships are selfish and have no true love or substance to them.

Before I came to know Jesus, I was all about this kind of “relationship.” I had no morals or boundaries and so I was up for generally anything.


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