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The Blasphemous statements in Barack Obamas inauguration Speech:

Let us carefully examine some of the excerpts from President Obamas inauguration speech in light of the Bible:
1a.”And we will transform our schools and colleges and universities to meet the demands of a “new age”. All this we can do.

Christianity Vs the Self

This article seeks to show the difference between Christianity and other Religions

666,What does this number signify and how do we recieve it

This Write up seeks to explain the spiritual symbolism of the number 666

The Most Valuable Thing you can have

I wonder what you consider the most valuable thing you can have? Some would say, “family”. Certainly, Family is very valuable. A lot more people when it gets down to it really value “pleasure” even more. That is why, if the marriage is miserable, many people will eventually adopt the attitude that divorce is the solution. By divorcing, they hope to have the chance to rebuild a happy life again. The love of pleasure can manifest itself in thousands of different ways. There is no doubt that for many, it is the supreme value. And doubtless many of those people would call themselves Christians also.

For some, money is the supreme value. Now I know that as Christians we would never say it so openly. But as the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words”. What are we really spending most of our effort on, if not for money?

Mind troubles from the wind

People are easily guided down the wrong path all around me. Men and women teach themselves for the truth the idol gods of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Persia, India, and other places. They are too familiar with the materialistic mammon based life-style. There is great division among those who I am supposed to call brethren. I am told I must look for a mate, and I need one; Why can’t I just be a eunuch for God? Drugs and drug users are all around me, and ignorance is listened to more than wisdom among the people. God hates astrology yet the world loves it.

Prayer for undergraduate admission :)

Hallelujah! Praise God!

I have applied to universities for undergraduate admission and for one university I have already been offered a programme that I have no interest in at all having already studied it during my earlier teriarty education. I cannot even bear doing it again at undergraduate level. God made life to be enjoyed and not to be endured, Amen!
Another university have already denied me admission altogether. My last hope rests on the last university that have yet to reply, it is a programme that I have all interest in and that is the Business Management programme.

To Flee, or Not to Flee? That is the Question

As an American who sees the undergirding of democracy not simply eroding, but being hit agressively with a wrecking ball, it is a sober time for consideration. I have been blessed with four small children and their future for them is my responsibility to prepare them for. What concerns me most about this American collapse is that we are on the brink of a totalitarian government that has the most advanced tracking technology available to it.

Dream about revival in Australia received at the beginning of 2008

Sometime at the beginning of 2008, I had an unexpected dream about Australia. At that time my heart was really still in India, since we just came from mission work in India only some months before. So my heart was not really for Australia and I was not even praying for Australia.

Jeremiah 23:28 says:
“ The prophet who has a dream, let him tell a dream; And he who has My word, let him speak My word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat?” says the LORD.

So once I read this verse in the Bible, I felt I had to share these dreams publicly.

Dream about Australia received on the 24th of December, 2001

In this dream, the times were such in Australia that for 'good reason' the government had some kind of army on the streets apparently to protect us. In the dream, I was living in a certain home, it was night, and I went for a walk by myself (which I never do in real life) and Michael, my husband, remained home.

As I was walking, I could see troops of soldiers either walking or standing still. They looked very resolute in their eyes, totally brain washed and sold out for the cause that they were there for. I started to feel uneasy in my spirit and I started to pray.


I first received this word, Dec. 1999, Then again in Sept. 2000 Almost 1 yr. to the day, of ” 9-11″
The scriptures I have supplied, verify it to my satisfaction.
I post it here for all to see, and judge.


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