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A new global currency.

One of the things which has emerged from the recent G20 meeting is that there has been a clause which allows the IMF permission to issue S.D.R.s. (Special drawing rights)
China and Russia have repeatedly requested an alternative to the U.S Dollar as the reserve currency and the re-introduction of S.D.R.s is the first stage of that process
The S.D.R is operating in the same way as an international currency and although t is linked to the Dollar, Yen, Euro and Pound, it is outside the control of any of the member states.
This will inevitably further pressurise the already impoverished U.S.

Brian Houston of Hillsong praises Pope and Papacy


How to evangelize

I was going to post a big long article about this and about my study of the Scriptures concerning it, but I think it would be best for all of us if we did a dialogue on this. Post the things that you find is wrong about certain ways to witness. Different Scriptures encouraging evangelism, and more specifically, how to evangelize.

I have dealt with many “methods” and ways to evangelize, but I have found many points wrong with it. I know that ignorance has a lot to do with it and I know that “being set in your ways” or even being misled is part of it.

The Man from George Street – the Power of Regular Witnessing

The True Holy Week

This week is very special in that you will see the convergience of the Christian AND the Jewish calendars in the week of Christ’s triumphal entry, His arrest, crucifixion and resurrection from the grave. I do not recall ever having it come out this way before. Does someone know if it ever has, or when the last time was?? The passover this year is one day off what it was in the year of Jesus’ crucifixion.

Here is the Outline.

Passages I’m struggling with.

These are a couple of passages that I’m struggling with, at least at the moment.

Every creature shall bow

Every creature shall bow before
Our Lord, the God Most High
He is Holy, He is Glorious
And, His Glory fills His Kingdom
He seats on His mercy Throne
He is righteous, He is just
Exalt His Name for He is worthy
So worthy for all the praises

He came from the Heaven to Earth
Bringing with Him the gift of Grace
Come let us follow Him
Who brought the Good News
And He will make us the fishers of man
Let us surrender to His will
He is loving and kind
He will not let us fall

He will cleanse us from our sins
He will be our guiding light
In Him, we will find comfort
We will beco


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