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Deliverance from Disease and Barrenness

Darcy gets healing from disease & Barrenness.

Once Saved Always saved

Following are seven reasons from the Bible why a born-again Christian cannot lose his salvation. Over 200 Scriptures are referenced, which are given at the end for ease of readability. Anyone reading this who doubts the truth of this doctrine, sometimes called “once saved, always saved”, is encouraged to look up and read the Scriptures for himself.

1. Eternal Life – The Bible says that ETERNAL life is a present possession [1]. If we could lose that life from God [2] then we never had ETERNAL life. Our life is Christ’s life when we are saved [3] (see #4) and Christ cannot die again [4].

The End of the American Dream – a prophetic vision

This vision has been posted in several places on the internet – I think its a very important one so I am posting it here also.

The End of the American Dream

by Thomas Watkins

I’m writing about something sacred to me, and you will understand as I go on. I am 59, and I have been given dreams and visions, along with many other experiences with God since 1972, the year of my salvation and indwelling.

Declarations of Faith For Abundance

I picked this one up at a church in Brisbane. I do believe it is helpful to believe that God is going to bless and protect you, and speaking accordingly can be very helpful as speech affects our thoughts and beliefs very much. What do others think? Should we use such techniques?

Abundance Attitude Adjuster – Declaration

Feel free to modify to suit your own situation and philosophy.

“I declare the Perfect Will of God over my life today; I declare the Life of Jesus over my day! I declare today, that as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.


When man lost its destiny
And eternal separation was drawn
You came to give us redemption
To shower mercy and grace
Tell me who will carry forward,
The assigned commission?
Who will fulfill your mission?
Who will spread the news of salvation?
Who will proclaim to your glory?
Who will rise among the dozing?
Who will not fear any other authority?
But will burn with zeal for your Kingdom
Will live and die for your Name
And your words will be in their mouth

Why are so many religions?
When you are the Supreme of all
Why are so many nations?
When they are from same instinct

Hello everyone…Stn Mtn Georgia

I have a question… I started my new year with the three day fast (first time) No food or water and I also prayed. But I Did not feel the change, I was fasting for a finacial break thru for my family and nothing happen Did I do something wrong?

Heal me, O Lord

O Lord, I am groaning
Severe is my pain
I cannot resist the fight with my flesh
I am sick, My heart is melting down
My enemy had attacked me
How will I defeat them?
Weakness had overtaken me
Depression had covered me
I cannot lift up my hand
Nor can I sing to your praise
How will I rejoice?
I have no strength
I am like a lifeless body
In hope I had fixed my eyes on you
I bow down at your feet
As I wait for your promise to reveal

I feel to be a burden
On those who cares for me
They look at me with sympathy
Though some mock at my plight
Where is my Comforter and my Shield

Saved from Alcohol

*Jonathan* If he took away 99% of my desire for booze and left 1% up to me, that would be enough for me to get drunk on.

Is Constitutional Liberty threatened in America? If so, what does it mean?


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