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Lakeland Deception is Serious

Its sad to say folks, but nowadays many of the leaders in the charismatic movement can no longer be trusted. The love of money, influence, fame, power and zany spiritual experiences has, for many of them, overcome the love of truth, integrity – actually the love for the true God. Whether this expresses itself as endorsement for bizarre and unbiblical practices, support for America’s imperial wars of destruction and mayhem, or enthusiasm for Roman Catholic spirituality – the truth is that we are going to have to choose between following Jesus and following these leaders.

How I Met JESUS,My Love

I met Jesus , the Love of my life , more than five years ago. But before coming to that point , let me tell you how I got there , by telling you about my earlier life . My name is Habib BLAYO , born on October 23 , 1973 in N’djamena , Chad , Africa . From a very early age , I made a habit of lying to get attention , and lying became to me as natural as breathing , to the point where I could not even differentiate between my lies and reality . Throughout the years , in spite of all my parents’ efforts to correct me , I stayed on that track .

Why I don’t trust the Todd Bentley Lakeland phenomenon

Dear friends in Christ,

Even before the Lakeland phenomenon broke out, I heard a report about Todd Bentley’s meetings on the Gold Coast that dismayed me somewhat. It had to do with the way he raises money, by telling people that they should “sow” money into his anointing so that they can receive an impartation of it.

I can’t say I was prejudiced against these meetings from the start. In fact I had heard of Todd Bentley and knew he moved to some extent in gifts of healing and miracles for some years. I hadn’t read anything that looked really wrong.

Make your own mind up about the lakeland revival but please check this out.

Take a look at this video in which many of Todd Bentleys strange and unbiblical practices are exposed.

People must be warned of the dangers of this false annointing.

God bless,



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