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Its all about God

Day one in Rick Warren’s book call “The Purpose Driven Life” is about how life is all about God and not me. God’s purpose for me may be different (and probably is) than what I think or plan for mine to be. This is the second time I read this first chapter in this book. I read it once before a year or to ago. I took the day to focus on what it meant that Its all about God and not about me. Today’s sermon at church talked about focusing on God when times are rough. Its not about me; that concept is not very present in our culture today. It seems so hard to talk to and teach people this.


For teacher it easy to teach ,for pastor it is easy to oversee the church ,for evangelist is much more (may be beacuse iam) to preach good news but for apostles (I get stucked here),Prophets…mh
I think we need to discuss these five ministries in nutshell
I know that i Know but what i know is little than what i need to know.Stay blessed.

My first blog

Today I decided to begin to make time for journaling. I thought what better way than to do it on the web. I can write more quickly and be able to add more content that way. Plus, I made particular connections between technology and the future. Writing on here is a good way to have an easy access location to do writing all in the same place. I had a hard time grasping the concept of electronic organizing and writing. I always had to have concrete things like books or paper that I could see and hold.

Delivered from Insanity, Drugs

By Cherie

When I was about 15 years old, I tasted alcohol for the first time and I knew that I was hooked. It seemed to fill me up in a way that nothing else did. I didn’t realize at the time that it felt good to me only because I was empty inside. I had something missing and something broken in my life, but I couldn’t really define what it was. I was yearning to feel complete and drinking was a counterfeit solution. It was like a bandaid. I didn’t know that I had opened a door in my soul to the devil.


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