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Hello from California…. Praise the name of Jesus Christ!!

Hello Brothers and sisters!!

False prophecies about the Australian election

Our God cares for the poor and oppressed, those crying out in pain who have been forsaken by all.

Caspar McCloud comes back from brink of death

Caspar is a personal friend of mine, who I have known now for several years. As well as being a very talented fine artist and musician, is a very gentle man of God, with strong confidence in God’s power.

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Sundar Selvaraj was born on 17 March 1962 into a Catholic family. He has two sisters and a younger brother. When he was about seven years old, his father embraced Hinduism and became a layman priest.

Young Sundar being the first born male child followed his father’s footsteps and became a devout Hindu. He gave himself to the study of mantras and was versed in performing pujas (religious ceremonies). He even carried the kavadi – a form of Hindu penance, for three years. When he was about 16 years old, there arose a question in his heart about karma, life after death and nirvana.

Watch out for Christian faith-talk in business dealings and prophetic guidance

One of the most unsuccessful years of my life financially was 2006. By not returning to Australia, and instead trying to set up business deals through certain people in Dubai, I lost many hundreds of thousands of dollars I would have had otherwise. I should have kept my investment properties in Australia and worked in Australia instead of wasting lots of time in Dubai. But I didn’t know at the time. I thought I could move on to bigger and better things.

Ultimately no one is to blame for this more than me.

Healed of Cancer



In July 1971, at the age of 58, I discovered a lump in my left groin about the size of a large olive. This was diagnosed to be a lymphoma or cancer of the lymphatic system. It was treated with cobalt for a period of 21 days. I continued to have periodic check-ups until early in 1975. As time went on I discovered several nodes in my neck and under my right arm that seemed to be growing. In August, 1977, at the age of 64, a large node was removed from my right armpit. It was diagnosed as a poorly differentiated nodular lymphoma.

Brain Cancer Healed

May 25, 1995 presented me with quite a surprise — and another of life’s challenges. Confronted with the evidence of a Grade IV malignant brain tumor my experience of life soon changed. Surgery, radiation, and a shortened chemotherapy regimen left me physically and emotionally exhausted. Against my doctor’s wishes, I stopped taking chemotherapy in January 1996. There is no medical “cure” for brain cancer so I set forth seeking a miracle and an opportunity to serve a God that might graciously heal me.

Miracles Still Happen – Book 2

Copyright — This book cannot be sold or used for money making purposes! However, the book may be copied and reproduced for personal use or letting others know about Jesus Christ!

Sexual Immorality – teaching by Marlies Zechner

From Miracles Still Happen – book 2

Sexual immorality is a well-worn tool of the evil one. Over the many years I have served God I have counselled hundreds and hundreds of men and women who were imprisoned by demons of lust, pornography, sexual fantasy, masturbation and perversion.


I have posted somehwere as I heard that xmass isnt from bible(it is not Jesus’ birthday).If so (which is the fact) then why it is is celebrated by christans?


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