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Will Ex-muslims be slaughtered in Britain one day?

One of the Church of England’s most senior bishops is warning that people will die unless Muslim leaders in Britain speak out in…
One of the Church of England’s most senior bishops is warning that people will die unless Muslim leaders in Britain speak out in defence of the right to change faith.

Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester, whose father converted from Islam to Christianity in Pakistan, says he is looking to Muslim leaders in Britain to ‘uphold basic civil liberties, including the right for people to believe what they wish to believe and to even change their beliefs if they

Catholic forced to wear Islamic Veil

It is happening in schools in the North of Sumatra. A Christian family raises the alarm, their daughters “have no other choice” but to dress according to Islamic customs. This is imposed by some local norms inspired by Sharia, which should only effect Muslim citizens

Jakarta :– The increasing numbers of local laws inspired by Sharia (perda syariat) , are threatening the religious freedom of non Muslims, forced to wear Islamic clothes.

Christians in North Korea

Activists cast a light on the underground church.

Risky Faith: A Christian church in North Korea

Sept. 17, 2007 issue – Few people can say they have it good in North Korea, but at one point Son Jong Nam could. He was the son of a high-ranking officer in the all-powerful military. As a child he never had to worry about going hungry. As an adult he became part of Kim Jong Il’s personal security detail—paid well, and trusted implicitly.

All of which makes him a potent symbol now.

Muslims Ransacking Israel’s Temple Mount

Muslims ransacking Israel’s Temple Mount

Two thousand years ago Roman Legions pillaged and burnt Israel’s Second Temple, turning the hilltop on which it once stood into a desolate heap.

As they wandered the planet, looking for place to find rest for their feet, hounded and harried everywhere by antisemitic Christians and others, the descendants of the exiled Jews prayed for and looked towards their return to the Temple Mount and the rebuilding of the house of worship to their God.

It is their holiest site – the place where God’s glory once shone visibly for the entire nation to see, a

Eritrean Christian woman tortured to death

SANTA ANA, CA: — Christians in Eritrea confirmed that Migsti Haile (33) passed away at the Weaa Military Training Centre. She reportedly died yesterday morning, September 5, as a result of torture for refusing to sign a letter recanting her faith. Haile was among a group of 10 single Christian women who had been arrested at a church gathering in Keren and spent 18 months imprisoned under severe pressure.

Before her arrest Haile worked for a relative while she studied to complete eleventh grade of her high school education.

Evangelist Juanita Bynum files for divorce

National evangelist Juanita Bynum apparently has filed for divorce, more than two weeks after the alleged attack by her estranged husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks III.

A relative on Thursday said that Bynum, 48, has filed for divorce but court records were not available to provide further details.

Church Attacked in Indonesia

Over 300 Islamic extremists attacked a protestant congregation gathered to celebrate Sunday service. The reason remains unclear. The Synod of Christian Churches expresses concern.

Sukatani :– A group of over 300 Islamic extremists attacked a domestic Church in the regency of Tangerang, 25 km from Jakarta on September 2nd last. The attackers gravely wounded the pastor and 6 of the faithful, circa 60 people, while they totally destroyed the community’s property.

Messianic Jews under fire in Israel

ARAD, ISRAEL : — “The state of Israel promises religious freedom to all faiths. However, in some Israeli towns, Jews who believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah face persecution. One of those places is in a town called Arad.”

This is how Chris Mitchell, who works for CBN News Jerusalem Bureau, began his recent report on what is happening in Arad, Israel.

He continued, “Arad sits in the middle of the Negev Desert, about a two hour drive south of Jerusalem. For most of the nearly 25,000 residents, it’s a quiet setting.

Iraqi Christians abducted

Three dozen members of one Christian church in Iraq disappeared over the course of a week, and only one returned, according to a minister who is warning of the increase of persecution of Christians in

that violence-ridden nation.

The warning from Rev. Canon Andrew White is being reported by Voice of the Martyrs, the ministry to persecuted Christians around the world.

He also noted the people’s desire for Christ sometimes is overwhelming.

Uzbek Government punishes prayer meeting holders

Baptists are systematically persecuted, even when all they do is meet for prayer. Jehovah’s Witnesses fear their faith might be banned “like in Soviet times.”

Tashkent – Police raids, prison sentences and fines against people who gather to pray at home have become systematic in Uzbekistan.


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