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Healed Of Sexual Abuse

A young lady shares how her life was messed up but also the new life and healing from scars she found through Christ.

Deena Jones – Delivered from Crack Cocaine

Deena Jones shares about her life and how after calling upon the name of the Lord she was delivered from addiction to crack cocaine.

First of all I’d like to thank our Lord Jesus for His unconditional Love
and His blessings He has blessed us with. I would like to share my
testimony of my past drugs/alcohol and abuse with everyone in this
world, and to speak and praise in what Jesus has helped me in
surviving and overcoming the hard battles and struggles everyday I
was in bondage.

God Is Love…God has Unconditional Love for His Children

Healed of Asthma, Baptized in the Spirit

Yes God really worked in my life and is still working.

I am now 16 and gave my heart to Jesus when i was 12 years old.

Before I was saved I was a religious person,thinking that i could please God through going to church and living better.
I was living a double life constantly seeking fame in my school , trying to please people.I was molested by older children when I was in grade 2.After that I suffered from guilt an obsessive compulsive behaviour.

My mother was saved 2 years before me and told me about all the miracles she experienced on church camps, all the miracles.Which intere

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