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Saved from a life of Darkness

Right now I just feel overwhelmed by the spirit, I need to get this testimony out in the world. It is a hard story to tell because it brings up things from my past that I would much rather forget but here it is.

As far back as I can remember I have always had a rather unusual life. My mother was an alcoholic and wasn’t around much. I was left to care for my two younger brothers while our mother went from bar to bar. Occasionally she would bring men back home with her.

trusting GOD to trust us

how many times many of us are in a situation which seems hopeless and we start questioning GOD first and then ourselves,we lose trust in him and our ourselves,then we despair that something we did or we are made him look away from us.But we cease to think we are still living cuz if he was not with us we will cease to exist,he loves us all the same ,why is it so difficult to just trust him,all say they do but how many of us actually let go,we all just mull over what is happening all around us and feel helpless.
just live the life he has given u,just live the happiness, live the sorrow,ju


God’s still working on me!

Freed from Depression

Freed after 10+ years of depression and suicidal thoughts

a contradiction and a resolution of it

Hello 🙂

Although there are many varieties of Christianity, it seems legitimate to say that a tenet of most of the varieties of Christianity is the belief that all of the Bible (Old plus New Testament) is the word of a deity called God who is alleged to have commanded people to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” It does not seem to occur to the adherents of Christianity that it is a logical contradiction to claim that the Bible consists only of the word of God, and to also claim that God commanded people to “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

This logical contradiction is admittedly not imm

The Great Fiery Red Dragon

I am more than amazed by the clothing that I see Christians wearing. I am greatly troubled is the word I should be using than amazed. It is not the casual wear that people attire themselves in but it is the very symbol of Satan that people are wearing. I see it on shirts, tee-shirts, slacks, jeans, blouses, dresses, skirts, purses, wallets, back packs, skate boards ect. The symbol is the dragon.

Revelation 12:3. And another sign appeared in heaven: behold a great fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven diadems (crowns) on his head. The verse is about Satan.

The “last Days”—very Much In Evidence

The “last Days”—very Much In Evidence
This was originally written September 8, 1993, almost 8 years before the twin towers suicide bombings. That is not a long time in God’s eyes. The same truths I wrote then are still the same truths for today. I write now with little more insight and updated. I forgot I had written this until I had some disturbing news this week; showing just how close it is hitting home. I will not give details at this time. I write this as a witness to all that has been happening in rapid succession. It gets worse and worse.

Be Aware Of What You Send Before You Hit The Send Button

Lesson to be learned from typing the wrong email address:

Sadhu Sundar Singh on Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam

Sadhu Sundar Singh was not one to belittle followers of other religions but he did make some salient observations on those religions.

Don’t Give The Enemy An Open Door

The enemy of our soul has an open door in many Christian’s lives. This door has a big welcome sign on it telling Satan come on in. This door is the door of unforgiveness in the Christian’s life.


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