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Buddhist Monk raised from the Dead

an amazing story and event and testimony of a monk who apparently dies, saw hell, met Jesus and returned to life – which has resulted in the conversion of many in Myanmar – source Asian Minorities Outreach.

Seeing Jesus – Mark Wattenford

Mark Wattenford tells of two near death experiences – including one in which he saw the Lord.

Out of Coma

My name is Eric Salzmann and this is my testimony about how I was Born-Again. On April 23, 1996 when I was 23 years old, I was in a motorcycle accident that caused me to go into a coma for over 3 months. I can remember almost everything that happened to me while I was in the coma. I was out in space, I saw a bunch of people just floating behind 2 Big Doors.

Miracles in India

In January, 1999 I spent a couple of weeks in India, in the southern State of Kerala. In the course of my trip there I had the opportunity to speak to a number of Christians, and also to unbelievers, telling them about Jesus and what God can do. I also had the opportunity to pray for the sick in Jesus’ name.

Quite a number of people were healed of all sorts of medical conditions through faith in the name of Jesus. There were people healed of breathing problems, back problems and a variety of other things.

Creative Miracles in Hospital

A little over four months had passed since I had given my life to Jesus and my heart was on fire to do something for God. The Lord placed a good Christian friend in my life to help me and it was this friend who presented the opportunity to fulfill my desire to work for God. He gave me some gospel tracts to pass out that explained the plan of salvation and before we knew it the door was opened at the local hospital for us to visit the sick. We decided to visit every Sunday after Sunday school.

Marlies Zechner on divine healing

Marlies offers some teaching and relates some stories concerning divine healing.

Divine Healing FAQ

Seeks to answer questions like: Does God heal today? What about X who really believed God would heal him and died? If divine healing is true how could anyone ever die? What about Paul’s thorn in the flesh?

Bible Evidence for Healing

Powerful Biblical reasons for the relevance of the ministry of divine healing today.

Is Divine Healing Ministry optional or commanded?

I believe that we are to obey the commands of Christ found in the Bible for reasons below. This means we should get involved in divine healing. Here is what someone wrote in response to this:

John wrote:

I said that Mark 16 doesn’t necessarily prove that those signs would continue because words spoken to the eleven are not necessarily spoken directly to us. For us, yes. To us, not necessarily.

Introductory Remarks on Divine Healing

All over the world, more and more people are receiving divine healing through
faith in the name of Jesus! These wonderful healings are not taking place
only in developing nations such as India and Nigeria, but also in the U.S.A,
Canada, Australia, Europe and many other countries. As the movement of the
Holy Spirit around the world gains momentum, we can expect to hear and see
more and more along these lines.


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