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My name’s Cynthia. I just turned 18, and am now considering purusing the Christian religion. My parents both come from Catholic families. My mother however became Christian after she turned 18, and my father’s never been a religious man.

I was promised when I was baby, and went to church a few times when I was younger. I do enjoy reading the bible. Growing up, I was allowed to have my own opinion about religion, and decided to rebel against the idea.

On my birthday, I was thinking how different my life would be if I beleived in Christ.

Apostolic succession – says who?

Once again, from the Catholic Catechism, we read:

“In order that the full and living Gospel might always be preserved in the Church the apostles left bishops as their successors. They gave them ‘their own position of teaching authority.'”35 Indeed, “the apostolic preaching, which is expressed in a special way in the inspired books, was to be preserved in a continuous line of succession until the end of time.”36

This is a VERY important claim of the Roman Catholic church.

Where is the Mother Church?

In the Catechism of the Roman Catholic church on the U.S. Catholic bishop’s site, it writes:

“Our holy mother, the Church, holds and teaches that God, the first principle and last end of all things, can be known with certainty from the created world by the natural light of human reason.”

Is the Roman Catholic church correct in saying that it is the mother of all believers?


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