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Answer to a young person

I thought it good to answer on this website to some good questions that someone recently wrote:

I am a young person, who is currently confused. I have not been brought up in a particularly religious household so I do not have a certain religion that I follow, so to speak. I have friends from a variety of religious backgrounds who are all telling me about their own religion. My grandparents are Christians but parents are Pagan.

I was wondering what was it that made you certain there is, as you say an ‘Almighty God’.

Persecution News

Today, more than ever, Christians around the world are suffering for being obedient to the faith.

Wherever he can, the devil stirs up hatred and trouble for those who actively shine the light of Jesus Christ and the knowledge of the gospel in a dark place.

If you want to live a godly life in Christ Jesus you will suffer persecution, so remember those in prison as if chained with them (Hebrews 13:3).

Stand with your brothers and sisters in Christ through prayer.

Every year, approximately 175,000 Christians are martyred for their faith, and countless others endure torture, discrimina


We hope take a look at some of the recent news in the world and apply a Christian perspective to it.

External Links to More Testimonies

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New Exodus Fellowship Testimonies – excellent testimonies by Category from a church in Cockeysville, Md.

Origins of the Pentecostal Movement

The pentecostal movement had its origins in believers who were intensely desiring more of God
in the late 19th century. People were getting interested in world evangelization and realized
that they needed the original power of the Holy Spirit to do this. They sought God and prayed.
Many Methodists and Salvation Army people were among those who were most hungry for God, and
embraced the move of the Holy Spirit.

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Who is the wh0re of Babylon???

I urge all who read this to refrain from debates?

I have asked this question once before and I recieved interesting responses. My question is simple as it is stated above; Who is the Whore of Babylon?

Many people who claim the Name of the Lord seek the identity of the Anti-Christ. But I believe it would be much more effective if we went to see who this Babylon Whore is.

Please do respond?

Yhys – Who in the last week lost his Wife, Daughter, Son and Grand Mother.

Thys and his family (from Rietvlei View Country Estates, South Africa) were travelling to church meeting on Tuesday evening (12 June 2007). A truck without lights was parked in the road. His Son died at the scene of the accident, his wife passed away shortly thereafter. His daughter died last night and his grand mother died this morning. It is tragic that one christian could be placed on so much stress.

Please pray that he may get God’s strength to take him through this time of suffering and that he may make a full recovery (physically, emotionally and spiritually).

Pray for Caroline who struggles with anorexia

Dear brothers and sisters, please unite with me to pray for Caroline, a friend who is severely struggling with anorexia and who doesn’t want to live anymore. Those of you that have been through that know exactly how she can feel at this time. She desperatly needs God’s intervention in her life to heal her and restore her.
Thank for taking the time to read my resquest and thanks to support her and fight for her in prayer.
God bless you.

Lost at the crossroads.

I am agnostic. I was born into a non-practicing Christian family, I am baptized as a Christian and I have even read some, if not much, of the bible.

I believe. I believe that there’s no smoke without fire. I believe that somewhere in the seemingly endless jumble of different faiths, teachings, prophecies and points of view, there has to be some truth. Something, some being, entity or creator, must exist. There must be some form of afterlife; something after the mortal coil has passed.

I respect the ideals and concepts of Buddhism, Islam and Hindi.


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