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All About Christian Faith

The Christian faith has existed since the time that Jesus Christ was on earth. Followers of Jesus have had different understandings about many things, but all true Christians agree that Jesus Christ is a revelation of God in the flesh. We all believe that God came to earth to bring us back into a relationship with Himself.

Faith in God

James Polasek – Facing Eternal Issues


I can still clearly remember the very day/hour that my life changed from being destined for hell, to being eternally secure in the fact of knowing my new destiny for heaven. That day and hour was: Saturday, August 28th, 1987, approximately 11:00 p.m. Perhaps for some or most Christians, they cannot recall a specific day/hour. But for me, there was NO doubt as to when I became a part of the “family of God”—saved by His mercy and
grace at the age of 36 years old!

Nobody the servant

He lived in a small place at the edge of a large town. Daily the still small voice he had grown so accustomed to would call out to him and his heart would cry. They were still perishing and no one was going to them.
Under a bridge latter that same day he found one.

Stay Strong

I am a baby Christian, how Marlies puts it!!, i am fortunate to stumble across this site, i believe God brought me here.
Thank you Michael for this site it has been a blessing reading the articles, so rich of resources for a baby Christian like me. I have read over Marlies’s book on “Miracles still Happen” and its very good

All my problems i no that as i accept Jesus, they are not mine anymore, since Jesus said, Cast your cares on me.. i hav ecasted my cares on him.. even thou sometimes i still wanna pull them back and carry them.. forgive me Lord for my Lack of Faith.


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