11 after the hour again

I’m no believer in Numerology or Bible codes, however I see 11 after the hour at least 7 times a day. It doesn’t matter whether I look at my wristwatch, car, computer or cell phone. Most of the time I look, there it is. 8:11, 10:11…12:11…

This has been happening for the past 6 months, and I only witnessed it when I saw 9:11 for the 5th straight day in a row. At first I thought it was weird to see 9:11 the whole time.

Maybe it meant something, or maybe there was some connection with 9/11, a warning sign of some sort.

But then I realised that it wasn’t just limited to 9:11, but mostly occurred with other numbers. I found the phenomenon very strange..obviously…and then I researched the topic on Google, just to find that there are entire sites dedicated to the phenomenon.

Ok, at first glance, this made me feel better, as most of the people on sites like these…well, they are freaks! However, when I started to read their experiences, I concluded that some of them really are freaks…true, but most of the others are completely normal people, writing in the same trend I am doing right now!

Firstly, and I can not stress this enough…I am really not joking. I know I’m trying to take this light heartedly, but its not funny anymore!

I read somewhere that it was the human psyche telling you to look at your watch exactly 11 after the hour, because you’ve developed some kind of subconscious memory to glance at the time…at exactly that time. Thus the frequent occurrence.

However, I’m not so sure this is the case with me. Sure, I cannot confirm or deny that some instances may have been muscle memory of some sorts. However, recently I see 11 after the hour, together with something else that happens, like, my phone ringing, exactly on that time…or an e-mail arriving, exactly on that time…or something else, any mundane occurrence, that makes you look at the clock…and seeing it…13:11!

I am not superstitious, I don’t believe in the power of the occult. I am a Christian, sure, and I also can’t help but wonder over some of the weirder things out there, but this is something different.
Recently, I am experiencing more stress…sure. However, I don’t see the relation. Recently, I came across an article about “Angel numbers”, stating that Angels speak to you through signs like everyday numeric signals, etc. I don’t know what to believe anymore…

I surely know some people out there will blame it all on perception, or something very logical. (and by the way…this has nothing to do with 11/11/11 everyone went on about the other day).
Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone else have a clue?

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